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Frquently Asked Questions


What is my username?

For an attorney, your username will be your Bar Number.

How many attempts at logging in do I have before ... ?

On the 3rd unseccessful attempt, you will be locked out ...

If I forgot my password, how can I reset it?

Visit the support page to contact the helpesk or call (210) 335-0222.

Can eInvoice be accessed from home?

Yes. eInvoice is a web based application that can be accessed from any computer with internet access ...

Where can I find a copy of the eInvoice manual?

Visit eInvoice page to get the latest information regarding the eInvoice system ...

Where can I add attorney fees?

Attorney fees can be added while creating a new invoice to be submitted to Bexar County. See eInvoice Attorney Manual ...

Where can I find assistance or "help"?

If you are logged into the eInvoice system, click on the "I Want To..." link on the upper ...

What is a "reference ID" and how can I add one ... ?

A reference ID is an identifier added to an invoice so the attorney can refer the invoice back to their ...

How can I search for an invoice?

Use the Search Existing Invoices button (magnifying glass icon) on ...

What does the "Pending" status mean?

Invoices that are in a "pending" status are pending review/processing by Bexar County. This does not necessarily mean ...

What is a "related" invoice and how can I find them?

Related invoices are invoices that are submitted by the same attorney on the same case ...
Contact Support Contact Support 210-335-0222 Mon - Fri (8am - 5pm)